Greenland paddles are very efficient open water touring paddles and allow a huge range of subtleties not possible with any other paddle design.   Ideally, they are custom sized to both the paddler and their kayak.  It’s best to try a bunch to see what you like, but it’s not always possible.  We can build you a paddle to measurements that will perform beautifully.  We’ll need the overall length of the paddle, the width of the blade, the length of the loom, your basic hand size, and the width of the kayak you plan to use most with this paddle
To calculate the length of the paddle, measure your arm span from outstretched fingertips to outstretched fingertips, then add a cubit (the measurement from your elbow to fingertips).  It’s best to have a friend take these measurements.
The blade width at its widest should be as big as you can comfortably grasp when you make a “C” shape with your hand.  For most, this will be 3 to 3 1/4”.
The length of the loom, the center part of the paddle, is typically 20-24”.  To measure, grasp a broom handle in both hands.  Stand with your arms at your sides, bend your elbows so your forearms are parallel to the floor, and with your hands a comfortable distance apart.  Have a friend measure the distance between your hands.
Speaking of hands, are yours petite, normal(ish) or LUMBERJACK size?

Lastly, how wide is the kayak you plan to use most of the time when using this paddle?  I may need to make some adjustments to the loom length to accommodate.

If you are a more advanced paddler, we can talk about and fine tune widths, thickness profiles, end shape, and about anything else.

Length                ____________

Blade Width      ____________

Loom                 ____________

Hand size          petite            normal             LUMBERJACK

Kayak Width     ____________